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Will disputes increase due to property price growth.

September 26, 2016

The amount of  inheritance disputes is on the rise, fuelled by higher property prices, law firm Hugh James has found.

The firm claimed that the High Court handled 116 cases of children challenging their parents’ estates last year. This overshadows the 104 cases dealt with in the year before, an 11% increase. As property prices have become more expensive, children have had more of an incentive to dispute the division of assets.

In addition, family structures have become more complicated in recent years, leading to more relatives and stepchildren, who expect to be included in the will.

The High Court has also dealt with more cases of children challenging charity donations, as stated in the will of their parents.

Hugh James claimed that, because we now live longer, it is more common for parents to die when their children are middle-aged and assumed to be financially stable. Leading parents to make alternative arrangements for the division of their assets. If children feel they should have a piece, or more, of the inheritance from their parents, they can make a claim under the Inheritance Act.


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